Proof Reading

With so much material both online and in print, we can be the second pair of eyes to proof read and check through your content before it goes live or pushed to print.

With relatively quick turnaround times, we’re able to be part of your approval workflow, working with you and your team to ensure any errors are corrected before they’re seen by clients. Documents, instructional materials, training manuals and presentations, we’re here to help you ensure they’re at their best.

In addition to our English based services, we’re able to co-ordinate translation of documents into alternate languages - contact us with the details of your project.

Every business is different
Here's a quick, rough guide to our service levels and what to expect.



A comprehensive check of a short to medium length single document, checking for spelling, grammar and sentence structure.



Medium length documents, or multiple smaller documents checked for spelling, grammar and sentence structure. Documents commented on with the changes highlighted for your final review.



Ideal for small websites or more complex digital or printed materials. A complete review with feedback provided.

Alternatively, we could check multiple smaller documents each day or week.

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Whatever type of support you need, we're here. Spread your credits across a range of tasks - we're here to support you and your business by tackling your to-do list, whatever that entails.

Laura Parry

Admin Team Leader