Graphic Design

Design is such an integral part of any business. From branding to social media graphics and promotional materials, ensuring material is engaging and consistent is key.

We have the expertise to support you and your brand to produce presentations, exhibition graphics and brochures as well as website updates and digital materials to engage and communicate with clients online.

We’re also able to manage the print and production of items to save you time and hassle, providing you a complete solution from brief to finished item.

Every business is different
Here's a quick, rough guide to our service levels and what to expect.



Carrying our simple artwork fixes, designing straightforward graphic pieces or collating images or photos for online posts.



Designing small promotional pieces such as leaflets or flyers. Creating graphics for social media, website updates or artwork for banners inline with your existing branding.



Designing PDF guides, infographics and more complex design projects. We could also produce exhibition materials for events and promotions. An allocation for a number of hours design time.

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Whatever type of support you need, we're here. Spread your credits across a range of tasks - we're here to support you and your business by tackling your to-do list, whatever that entails.

Laura Parry

Admin Team Leader