Holiday Cover

A member of staff on holiday or with sickness can put pressure on business owners and entire teams.

With a well equipped support team, we can be the remote support you and your team need, the extra pair of hands to keep things running with a member of staff away.

Holiday cover is even more important when you're a smaller business, sole trader or freelancer. Taking time away for holiday can be a real challenge, juggling the need for the break away but the cost of missing business or taking enquiries can leave you torn between holiday time and the need to keep checking in with work.

From admin, telephone answering or an entire support package, we can put together a solution that keeps you on track and on top of workload while they’re away.

More than just taking messages, we can support new enquiries, provide initial information or collate the details so you can return to warm leads rather than missed calls.

Every business is different
Here's a quick, rough guide to our service levels and what to expect.



We can deliver a single small task to support you and your team.



Supporting with one or two administrative tasks in the absence of a member of your team.



We can take care of a range of tasks that the member of staff would typically deliver, providing ad-hoc support spanning several hours.

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Whatever type of support you need, we're here. Spread your credits across a range of tasks - we're here to support you and your business by tackling your to-do list, whatever that entails.

Laura Parry

Admin Team Leader