Client Relations

Maintaining great relationships with clients is really important, but finding the time to nurture these relationships can be challenging.

We can support you with your client engagement. Working alongside you to distribute and collate results for satisfaction questionnaires and collate reviews. Ideal post events, we can arrange feedback calls and event follow up correspondence to ensure you make the most of new, and existing, connections.

We support many of our clients with the order capture and processing, supporting sales from enquiry through to completion.

If you need additional capacity to help engage with clients, capture feedback, book calls and follow up, we're here for you.

Every business is different
Here's a quick, rough guide to our service levels and what to expect.



We'll take your ideas and format your survey questions within an online platform before sending out to event attendees.



In addition to sending the survey we would collate results and present them along with following up a few with personal telephone calls if anything needs addressing/ wanting further information/ask if they are happy to provide testimonial. Also follow up with a thank you email and brief of results to those that return the survey.

We could send out a survey and collate the results, following up with a select few personal telephone calls to address issues highlighted or to those wanting further information as well as collecting testimonials, concluding with a thank you email with roundup of results.



A comprehensive client relation management process designed and delivered. The first point of contact for both suppliers and clients, managing orders and assisting with documentation completion and order details needed to fulfill projects and orders.

Post sale feedback calls to ensure client success and maximise the customer relationship. Our most comprehensive approach to client management.

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Whatever type of support you need, we're here. Spread your credits across a range of tasks - we're here to support you and your business by tackling your to-do list, whatever that entails.

Laura Parry

Admin Team Leader