Travel & Accommodation

Travel is part of most businesses, but when it steps outside the everyday requirements it can be time consuming. Looking at planes, trains and accommodation it can take time to research, review and finalise bookings.

We’re here as your personal travel assistant to help manage and book travel options. From straightforward ticket booking to entire itinerary planning for you, staff or guests, we can manage the entire process.

Last minute plans? Cancellations or looking for emergency alternatives? Sometimes things don't go to plan, we get it. We're here when you need us to get your travel and accommodation plans back on track.

More than just business travel, we can help put together personal travel plans for you and your family. Got a trip in mind? We’re here to help you make it happen.

Every business is different
Here's a quick, rough guide to our service levels and what to expect.



We can book a single travel ticket at a chosen date and time.



We will research options for travel and accommodation for up to 3 trips. Shortlisting options for you to review and make a final selection.



Research of travel and accommodation for multiple trips, multiple locations or more comprehensive travel plans extending to restaurant information, car hire and local amenities review.

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Whatever type of support you need, we're here. Spread your credits across a range of tasks - we're here to support you and your business by tackling your to-do list, whatever that entails.

Laura Parry

Admin Team Leader