Switching our call answering saw an immediate, vast improvement in the quality and velocity of messages.

As a small business, one of our many challenges was being able to communicate and engage with all our existing, and new prospective clients with limited resource.

Over the last two years since we launched Si4, we have always outsourced our call answering services for our ‘0800’ number, with a virtual office service in Cardiff.

Recent analysis of this service, through our online portal showed that on some months we were missing up to 30% of our inbound calls, or not receiving messages of important business enquiries, therefore missing the opportunity to convert these enquiries into new business.

We have since moved our call answering service to Town Square Admin and immediately saw a vast improvement in the quality and velocity of messages. Unlike our previous supplier, we do not pay a fixed monthly fee for this service, instead only paying for the calls we receive - giving us real return on our investment.

The month of May was our first month with the Town Square Admin team, and I am delighted to say it is also our first month where 100% of all our inbound calls were answered, with quality, detailed messages passed to our team.

This evolution in our services has led to an improved conversion rate of lead and a better, more consistent service to our valued customers.

I would highly recommend the service of Town Square Admin Support to any new or small business, seeking a partner to help deliver consistent quality, and turn every call in to commercial leads.

Other client stories

Jay | Ramsay & White Estate Agents

Without hesitation I highly recommend TownSq's services.

Claire | Ramsay and White Estate Agents

We would like to pass on a MASSIVE thanks to everyone.

Matthew | Caerphilly Business Club

Big thanks to TownSq Admin for their amazing support.

Frazer | Safeguard Electrical Fire & Security

TownSq Admin Support manage the role of a full-time administrative assistant for half the cost.